Aromatherapy & Massage #01

About the treatment:

Following a confidential consultation, your massage therapist will select suitable oils taking into account your preferences and will blend them together to create a personal 'formula' for your treatment. For therapeutic and deep tissue massage either oil or massage wax will be used. Gentle, flowing massage treatment will then be used, together with pressure points, lymphatic drainage and myofascial release techniques where appropriate. (Pressure is firm enough that you feel that you are having a massage, but gentle enough that you can relax throughout.)

Full body treatment for maximum relaxing and de-stressing benefits. Full body aromatherapy, therapeutic and/or deep tissue massage. Particular attention can be given to any problem areas during the treatment. After care advice as required. Approx 1 hour £48

45 minutes treatment can be a focused treatment to target those problem areas, such as back/neck/shoulders, or as a general de-stressing treatment for health maintenance £37

30 minutes treatment ideal for when time may be short! Back treatment is usually recommended, as the back provides a large surface area for essential oils to do their work (not to mention relieving the tension that most of us carry around in the back muscles...). Are you on your feet a lot, or do you run, dance,cycle or walk? Perhaps an indepth leg and feet massage is for you. Or, if you prefer to lie on your back or sit up slightly, you may perhaps choose face/neck/scalp and feet treatment £26

We can supply gift vouchers for any of the above - a lovely gift for any occasion!

Treatments for Unpaid Carers Treatment is carried out through the clothes while you sit in a chair, on shoulders and neck (and then scalp if you would like). Hand and arm massage can also be carried out while you sit at a table. There is no charge to carers for these 25 minute sessions. The only stipulation is that you either live in Croydon or care for someone who does. You can register to receive information and advice on your caring role by filling in an online registration form and to book a massage call 020 8649 6280.

Please do contact us for any further information you need.

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