Reiki #01

REIKI, the Universal Life Force

About the treatment:

After a short consultation, you lie, fully clothed (ideally wearing something comfortable). You will be supported with pillows and offered a blanket or sheet to cover you so that you feel warm and comfortable.

During the treatment the practitioner will gently rest her hands on various positions on the body and acts as a channel or conduit for Reiki - the universal life force. No massage is involved. Treatment time is approximately 45 minutes.

People usually report a sense of deep relaxation, wellbeing and some peaceful 'time out'.

Treatments are offered for relaxation and the maintenance of health.

We are arranging local workshops so that you can learn Reiki yourself. One of the interesting things about Reiki is that after you have attended a class you will be able to treat yourself and your pets, plants, food - you name it! Reiki can be used in any aspect of life and helps us to live in a more conscious way.


There are three levels or degrees taught in three courses.

Reiki 1 enables you to heal yourself, friends and family. The attunements open you to the Reiki energy and this foundation level includes origins, principles, methods of use and giving and receiving a Reiki treatment. Cost: £140

Reiki 2 deepens your practice of Reiki. Distant healing, mental, spiritual and emotional healing using three sacred symbols and Japanese techniques from Dr Usui's school. Also prepares you to become a practitioner if you choose to. Cost: £200

Combine Reiki 1 and 2 over 2 days: £300
Manual and certificate included.

Reiki 3 or Master Level
Please get in touch to arrange an interview for this class.

Sharing Groups for all levels of Reiki. Meditation and group treatment to deepen and enhance your practice. Please ring to book in. Cost: £6

Japanese Reiki Techniques provides many of the additional methods taught by Dr Usui and others to enhance Reiki treatments. If you already have Reiki 1 and 2 and would like to learn more or need a 'refresher' (nb these techniques are included in our Reiki courses). Cost: £85

email us for further details.

Venues: Bromley and Croydon

A printed brochure is also available. Please email us or telephone us on 020 8663 5606 if you would like us to send you one.

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